Pouria Bacher

Research Affiliates

Pouria Bacher is an IoT and Cloud engineer at Siemens Austria and is studying a master's degree in Innovation and Technology Management at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna. He is chiefly interested in sustainability management, mass transit, Urban development, data science in urban transportation, and the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions and toxic pollution in urban transportation. He was awarded a Marshall Plan Fellowship 2022 for his research idea "Green Sub-Transportation"  with support from Dr. Jacqueline Klopp. The "Green Sub-Transportation" project involves processing and evaluating a sustainable Green Sub-Transportation package delivery service in New York City by subway. With data science modeling (data prediction) and evaluation, along with careful policy analysis and discussion with transit and sanitation bodies (MTA New York City), the project team aims to reduce transport emissions and enhance efficiency in the mass transit and freight system in New York City.