What are the Local Project Challenge guidelines?

There are five guidelines. The intention is to make it easy for project teams to show their work through an SDGs lens.


How do I/we enter the Local Project Challenge?

Send us an expression of interest (PDF or Word doc) with a project idea by August 1, 2019 in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Accepted project ideas and a photo will be posted on the Project Ideas: Accelerating the SDGs online gallery, by September 1.

IF you would like to receive a copy of the Expression of Interest form in Word, please email us at [email protected].


I don’t know what is meant by a project. Can you provide any examples of what a Local Project might look like?

Projects can be big or small, of any type. They can be real, or they can be used to advocate for something you want to happen. Check out these Hypothetical LPC Projects.


When does the Local Project Challenge end?

December 1, 2019.

Projects can be uploaded to the project website between October 1 and December 1 2019.  An International Panel will review all projects received by December 1, and Certificates of Excellence will be awarded by December 23.  All projects will be posted on the Local Project Challenge 2020 online gallery by January 20, 2020. People’s Choice awards will follow.


What are the Local Project Challenge requirements?

Fully developed projects will consist of two A0 vertical sheets that can be uploaded to the project website. A template will provide guidance on sheet layout, information headings and approximate word counts.


A short film (not more than 3-4 minutes) that conveys the essence of the project, describes the participatory process and includes people’s voices; explains why it is a useful project, and which SDGs have been addressed.


A Report covering the project in greater detail may be uploaded as a PDF.


Is there any advice available during the Local Project Challenge?

For help getting started, the LPC team can provide advice in the development or setting up of projects if needed. Questions can be asked directly on the Expression of Interest form.

For help during the Local Project Challenge, the LPC team can provide advice or troubleshoot if needed.


Are there funds available to support the Local Project Challenge?

No, we are not able to provide funds for project development, A0 submissions, or the optional short films and reports.


Will there be any prizes or awards?

Certificates of Excellence will be awarded to selected projects in the categories of education, professions (broadly defined), and civil society. People’s Choice awards will be made. There will be no prize money.


Will there be funds to support representatives of selected projects to attend WUF10?

We hope to raise funds to support some Certificate of Excellence representatives travel to WUF10, and their participation in the Local Project Challenge exhibition and associated events. All LPC entrants are welcome to join these events at their own expense.


What is WUF and why are you taking the Local Project Challenge to WUF?

The UN World Urban Forum is the held every two years and is the premier conference on urban issues, attracting heads of state through to the grass roots.  This project was launched at the last WUF (Kuala Lumpur 2016) where the focus was on implementing the SDGs.

Generally more than 10,000 people attend WUF, and while there is no registration fee, pre-registration is required. WUF is organized by UN Habitat who as their website states, “is applying its technical expertise, normative work and capacity development to implement the New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goal 11 – to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.”


Are there any project resources available?

Please view the Project Resources page. Over the project we will add more, and invite you to email any resources you think relevant.

In addition, you might find it useful to browse the  PBBC Resource Platform.


Please feel free to email for additional unanswered questions.

Please email us: [email protected].

Please list your name and country in the subject heading.