“The Infinite Elasticity of Air: New York City’s Financialization of Transferable Development Rights.”

Elliott Sclar

Zoning: A Guide to 21st Century Planning.


“Filling the Gaps: Improving Measurement of Air Quality in Low and Middle-Income Countries.”

Robert Pinder
Jacqueline M. Klopp
Gary Kleiman
Gayle S. W. Hagler
Yewande Awe
Sara Terry
City Maker Survey: Preliminary Findings and Recommendations

City Maker Survey: Preliminary Findings and Recommendations

Anna Rubbo
Jade Watkins
Elaine Angeles
Merlyn Mathew
Vera Tangari
Jacqueline Klopp
Geeta Mehta
Elliott Sclar

"Land Law Reform in Kenya: Devolution, Veto Players and the Limits of an Institutional Fix."

Catherine Boone
Alex Dyzenhaus
Seth Ouma
James Kabugu Owino
Catherine Gateri
Achibe Gargule
Jacqueline Klopp
Ambreena Manji


“Beyond BRT: Innovation in Minibus-Taxi Reform in South African Cities.”

Herrie Schalekamp
Jacqueline M. Klopp

“The Paratransit Puzzle; Master Planning for Transportation in Maputo and Nairobi.”

Jacqueline Klopp
Clemence M Cavoli


“A Nairobi Experiment in Using Low Cost Air Quality Monitors.”

Priyanka deSouza
Victor Nthusi
Jacqueline M Klopp
Bruce E Shaw
On Ho Wah
John Saffell
Roderic Jones
Carlo Ratti


Improving urban access; new approaches to funding transport investment

“Politics, Policy and Paratransit: A View from Nairobi.”

Jacqueline M. Klopp
Winnie Mitullah

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