Environmental Justice and Climate Just Cities Network

CSUD is pleased to be a co-founder of the Environmental Justice and Just Cities Network. Supported by the Earth Institute in 2020 a diverse group of researchers and professors at Columbia University came together to form the Environmental Justice and Climate Just Cities network. The network was conceived as an open space, a meeting place for collaboration and dialogue on environmental and climate justice on campus across institutions and disciplines. We are especially keen to support co-learning with environmental justice advocates and community-based organizations and share that learning across national and global networks can, in turn, become new research agendas, curriculum, outreach, and engagement.


An overarching goal is to inform the underlying value system, operating model, research, and curriculum of the Earth Institute and the Columbia University Climate School and beyond to make our institutions more responsive to the critical, urgent social and environmental demands of this moment. We also support the direct application of climate just approaches to the implementation of urban policy, advocacy, planning, and programs.

With a transdisciplinary approach that places justice, equity, sustainability, and community agency at the center, we come together to answer key questions such as:

How do we assess and implement climate justice policies, programs, and planning efforts in cities and communities?

How might Columbia University with The Climate School better engage, research, and teach about environmental justice and climate, and be part of building climate just cities?

How can Columbia University become an accountable and trusted partner in the communities such that our research, teaching, and engagement efforts support the most pressing needs of our neighbors?

How can we envision alternative climate just futures that support healing from past environmental injustices and race-based traumas while ensuring equity, justice, and inclusion for the underserved?

CSUD is pleased to be a co-founder of the Environmental Justice and Just Cities Network

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