From 2011-2012, CSUD joined other groups at the Earth Institute in the Côte Sud Initiative (CSI). CSUD brought insights from their strategic policy network approach, combining policy, planning, and action on contemporary problems of urbanization and regional development to the CSI. CSUD provided support and analysis of organizational structure and dynamics within local communities, regional programs and national networks. In addition, CSUD examined land tenure and regional planning in the Côte Sud region of Haiti in order to assess the complex urban-rural linkages and institutional dynamics around land, land use, and the institutional arrangements around how decisions get made.

Although the Columbia Climate School, and consequently CSUD, is no longer directly involved in the CSI, many of our project documents can provide useful insights to those working in Haiti.

CSUD is currently working with others at the Columbia Climate School to explore ways to remain involved with its strong network of partners throughout Haiti.