Preservation and Social Inclusion

The symposium examined how multiple publics are—or are not—represented in heritage decision-making, geographies, and policy structures. To prompt this inquiry, we asked participants to consider the following questions:

  • How are diverse narratives and communities being represented or excluded through preservation? 
  • Who is participating in preservation processes, and how can preservation decision-making better engage multiple publics? 
  • What are the effects of preservation policies and processes on communities? 


Available online and in print.

Symposium Participants & Contributors

Fallon Samuels Aidoo (University of New Orleans) 

The Community Foundations of Allyship in Preservation: Learning from West Mount Airy, Philadelphia

Ciere Boatright (Chicago Neighborhoods Initiative)
Interview – Pullman Revitalization, Historic Preservation, and Community Engagement

Sangita Chari (National Park Service)

Interview – Serving All Americans: The Case for Relevancy, Diversity, and Inclusion in the National Park Service

Caroline S. Cheong (University of Central Florida)
Connecting Historic Preservation and Affordable Housing

Andrew S. Dolkart (Columbia University)
Preserving LGBT Places: The NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project

Ingrid Gould Ellen (New York University), Brian J. McCabe (Georgetown University), and Gerard Torrats-Espinosa (Columbia University)

How Can Historic Preservation Be More Inclusive? Learning From New York City’s Historic Districts

Donna Graves (independent historian & urban planner)

Interview – Achieving Equity through Heritage Preservation: Lessons from the Margin for the Center

Claudia Guerra (San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation)
Interview – Finding the Soul of Communities

Janet Hansen and Sara Delgadillo Cruz (City of Los Angeles)
Los Angeles’s Historic Contexts: Pathways to Inclusion in Preservation

Maria Rosario Jackson (Arizona State University)

Interview – Toward Equitable Communities: Historic Preservation in Community Development

Brent Leggs (African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund), Jenna Dublin (Columbia University), and Michael Powe (National Trust for Historic Preservation Research and Policy Lab)

Telling the Full American Story: Insights from the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund

Michelle G. Magalong (University of Maryland)

Equity and Social Inclusion from the Ground Up: Historic Preservation in Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

Emma Osore (BlackSpace)
Blackspaces: Brownsville Codesigning Black Neighborhood Heritage Conservation

Andrea Roberts (Texas A&M University)

The End of Bootstraps and Good Masters: Fostering Social Inclusion by Creating Counternarratives

Stephanie Ryberg-Webster (Cleveland State University)
Toward an Inclusive Preservation: Lessons from Cleveland

Mark J. Stern (University of Pennsylvania)
Historic Preservation and the New Geography of Exclusion

Vicki Weiner (Pratt Institute)
Historic Preservation and Community Development: Past and Future Synergies