Preservation, Sustainability, and Equity

This symposium and accompanying publication seek to explore preservation policy reform in the face of climate change and social inequity. If the decisions about what to preserve and how to preserve are privileging certain segments of society or publics, how can preservation policy be reformed to better promote a more just and sustainable built environment? The symposium and publication will examine this broader inquiry by considering the following questions:

  • What research or evidence is needed to support systemic shifts toward sustainability and equity in government-led preservation policy?
  • What can be learned from other realms of public policy reform (e.g. environmental justice) to inform such shifts?
  • What regulatory or review practices associated with preservation warrant reexamination?
  • How might institutional or governance structures be challenged or changed?


Forthcoming in 2021.

Symposium Participants & Contributors 

Lisa T. Alexander (Texas A&M University School of Law)

Louise Bedsworth (California Strategic Growth Council)

Ken Bernstein (Los Angeles Department of City Planning)

Robin Bronen (University of Alaska Fairbanks)

Sara C. Bronin (University of Connecticut School of Law)

Claudia Guerra (City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation)

Victoria Herrmann (Georgetown University School of Foreign Service)

Lisa Kersavage, Mark Silberman, and Cory Herrala (New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission)

James B. Lindbergh (National Trust for Historic Preservation)
Randall Mason (University of Pennsylvania School of Design)

Jennifer Minner (Cornell University)

Stephanie Ryberg-Webster (Cleveland State University)

A.R. Siders (University of Delaware)

Amanda Webb (University of Cincinnati)

Vicki Weiner (Pratt Institute)