Jennifer van den Bussche

Research Affiliates

Jennifer van den Bussche, Master of International and Community Development and Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (Deakin University), is the founder and director of Sticky Situations  in Johannesburg. She is a Project Manager who brings strong facilitation skills to her work, complimented by her experience in community development, as well as her background in construction and training in architecture. Jennifer has used these skills to bring together talented teams in disadvantaged communities in Johannesburg to create successful outcomes in a range of projects including public art, sanitation upgrades and multi-media exhibitions and events. As Global Studio Johannesburg project manager, Jennifer contributed to the success of Global Studio 2007-09.  She founded Sticky Situations in 2010. Her 2019 WASSUP Report documents a decade of progress by community based sanitation organization, WASSUP, Sticky Situations and international organizations Healthabitat and IAPMO. She has participated in CSUD World Urban Forum events  is a contributor to CSUD’s Accelerating the SDGs project team, and co-ordinates the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation’s (GSAPP) Studio X projects and activities in South Africa.