Stage 3: Disseminate Outcomes

Stage 3: Disseminate Outcomes

2019-20, SHARE + learn

Outcomes of Accelerating the SDGs project will be disseminated through conferences, academic and professional publications, social media platforms etc. To date this includes:

Working paper: City Maker Survey Preliminary Findings and Recommendations (August 2019).

Urban Thinker Campus: Accelerating the SDGs, November 13-14, 2019. launch. November 13, 2019.

State of the Planet Blog, January 29, 2020.

Local Project Challenge Awards: People’s Choice (7000+ votes received) and International Panel Awards for Part 2 more fully developed projects.

UN World Urban Forum 10, Abu Dhabi, February 8-13, 2020, “Accelerating the SDGs through the Local project Challenge“, networking session, booth display, and mini lectures.

Urban Cluster 2020 HLPF Parallel Dialogue on Sustainable Cities and Covid 19: Plans for Action. July 16, 2020. Anna Rubbo, “Local Project Challenge: Some COVID Responses“.

ProLugar, PROARQ-FAU / University Federal Rio de Janeiro. Dialogues and Partnerships.August 10, 2020 Anna Rubbo, “Moving forward with action research post COVID: Challenges and Opportunities”

Accelerating the SDGs in Cities: 60+ Ideas for Action